Mutation testing integrated within the .NET programming environment


VisualMutator is integrated into development process as an extension for the Visual Studio IDE. Implementing the process of mutation testing, it strives to provide a way to measure the quality of the test suite.

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Easy to use

With simple user interface, VisualMutator tries to make mutation testing accessible and quick to start.

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Instant feedback

While executing the mutation testing process, the user remains in control and is able to get useful, partial results seconds after starting the process.

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Download VisualMutator v2.1.

  • Creating first-order mutants by using built-in and custom mutation operators
  • Ability to view modified code fragments in C# and IL languages
  • Running NUnit and XUnit tests on generated mutants
  • Interactive user interface: ability to view details about any mutant right after the start of the mutation testing process
  • Presenting results: the mutation score and an information about passed and failed tests
  • Option to write detailed results to an XML file