VisualMutator 2.0

A. Derezińska, P. Trzpil, “Mutation Testing Process Combined with Test-Driven Development in .NET Environment”, W. Zamojski, J. Mazurkiewicz, J. Sugier, T. Walkowiak, J. Kacprzyk (Eds.) Theory and Engineering of Complex Systems and Dependability, Proc. of the 10th International Conference on Dependability and Complex Systems DepCoS-RELCOMEX, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing vol. 365, Springer, pp. 131-140, DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-19216-1_13

VisualMutator 1.0

A . Derezińska, P. Trzpil, Mutation testing of ASP.NET MVC, in: J. Swacha (Ed.) Advances in Software Development, Chapter 9, Scientific Papers of the Polish Information Processing Society Scientific Council, Warsaw 2013, pp. 127-136, ISBN 978-83-7518-597-3

Mutation Testing of ASP.NET MVC.pdf

KKIO (Krajowa Konferencja Inżynierii Oprogramowania) 2013 Conference Presentation:

KKIO 2013 - Mutation testing ASP.NET MVC framework - Derezińska, Trzpil.pdf